Here at True Earth we install and maintain sprinkler systems because we believe a well designed, properly installed underground irrigation system is a worthwhile investment. Victoria, BC has very dry summers and while there are some drought tolerant plants that will do well in our climate (once established), there are many more that will appreciate regular water!

If the focus of your landscaping project is to create a garden oasis, sprinklers are worth considering.


A new sprinkler system shouldn’t require much maintenance other than winterizing and spring startup.  Winterizing a sprinkler system involves blowing compressed air through the pipes so they don’t freeze. Spring startup is simply turning on and testing each zone. Sometimes the timer has been reset, there are clogged or misdirected nozzles, or other damage that has occurred in the winter months.


True Earth also will do troubleshooting and repairs on old irrigations systems. We can also help you figure out why a zone isn’t coming on; it’s usually a wiring issue or a dead solenoid. More commonly, if you put a shovel through a pipe or mow a sprinkler, we can repair it!

Send us a message and we will be more than happy to come and take a look.

New irrigation

We have installed dozens of sprinklers in the Victoria area and can guide you through every step of the process:

  • Plumbing permit
  • Backflow preventer installation
  • Defining lawn and garden zones
  • Programming the timer
  • Showing you how it works!